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therapy cat
5 August 2021
Meet Paxil, our therapy cat in training!

Functional Minds Psychology now has a new member of the team. Paxil has joined us in the role of a therapy cat, working with us in animal assisted therapy. He is currently a year old and is progressing through his therapy cat training with us.

Paxil is a cream and white Cornish Rex who loves people, food and zoomies. His skills include sitting on command, giving high fives, and fetching toys.

Contact us if you want to know more about Paxil and how he can assist you.

13 September 2019
A new Professional Development event coming on November 23rd!

Are you a provisional/early career psychologist, a postgraduate (4th year or later) psychology student, and/or a counsellor? Are you also seeking to learn more about Cognitive Behavioural Therapy?

Functional Minds Psychology is organising a professional development event ‘Introduction to the Practical Application of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)’ on the 23rd of November 2019 at North Melbourne Library.

UPDATE – this event has now sold out.

23 August 2019
We’ll be at PAX Australia!

Functional Minds Psychology is excited to be represented at the gaming convention PAX Australia this year on ‘The Last PAX Panel On The Left: All Things Horror Games’.

Isaac Lee will be joined by Brian Holland of Good Games, Kevin Powe from Tavern of Voices, and Lucy Morris from Starcolt. The panel will be discussing all things horror games. Be sure to come check out the panel and learn about the psychological aspects of creating horror games, the impact they have on us, and why sometimes we enjoy being scared.